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Bon Voyage: Island Escape|Gili Trawangan

Just off the northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia you’ll find three small islands knowns as the Gili triplets. Gili Trawangan nickname Gili T, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

From Ubud head on to the Padang Bai harbor for departure. You can buy a ferry pass at any travel agency. Just make sure you’re buying the fast boat. The difference is a 1.5 hour trip with the fast boat vs. a nearly an 8 hour day or longer trip with the public ferry. First stop takes you to Lombok and then Gili T with the fast boat.

^Public Ferry = Not happy campers.

It was a mission getting.. We bought tickets for the fast boat to Gili T but weather and timing didn’t allow us to take the fast boat that day. Weather conditioned forced us to take the public ferry. Sadly this was over an 8 hour day.

Travel troubles aside Gili T remained an incredibly memory and a spot on Earth I’d go back to 100 times again.

What you’ll find in Gili T.

Bustling nighttime energy . Calm waters. Yoga that will bring joy to your soul. A sense of presence. Reggae joints. Dancing. Quaint eco friendly resorts. Diving lessons and certifications. Hotels. No cars. Horse carriages. Coffee shops. Restaurants...

Cars and motorcycles are not allowed on the Island so the best way to get around is by bike, foot, or horse drawn carriages.


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