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Unplugging: It’s Great for the Soul!

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” - Anne Lamott

Like most people reading blogs, posting photos, creating content, & running your business, there is no escaping technology. It’s great for connecting, for promoting, for learning and so much more! Every now and then when you find yourself going to a beautiful place and not living in that moment it’s time to disconnect.

Digital cleanse is like a food cleanse, we can't stop using technology or consuming food but binging on either isn't healthy for anyone.

We're all binging on technology. #guilty. The latest numbers from the Pew research center show that the number of people saying they’re “almost constantly” online continues to increase every year.

This past weekend we took off to only a 24 hour getaway and here is what we learned from powering down.


1- No photos - took in more moments

Long talks underneath the stars, dipping our toes in the sand, and really grounding ourselves is exactly what the doctor prescribed. It was beautiful & since I didn’t capture any photos, I know I'll actually remember the beautiful colors of the sky. The shape of the moon. The conversations. I love documenting moments! I love holding on to memories, printing albums and so on. I grew up with parents who loved to document my every step and every move it’s in my DNA, (they still capture every step!) but we also weren’t as connected growing up. Give yourself the unplug challenge. See what you notice.


2- Speaking of... Notice the little things

Remember when you were a kid and you stared at cloud shapes for hours and told stories around a campfire. Powering down allowed us to notice those little things.


3- Slept better

Checking your phone before bed and keeping it close by as you sleep causes serious sleep problems. Watching TV or having any of that artificial blue light can cause the same issues. I’m guilty of this. But powering down for even a short amount of time has made me more conscious of my tech habits. Try at least for one night to leave your phone out of your bed and watch sleep improve drastically.

It’s like dieting… There is NO such thing as a magic diet or magic pill but sometimes a short detox or a 3 day diet is exactly what you need to kickstart healthy habits for years to come.


4- Mini vacay = Better than no vacay

Vacation planning can be stressful. A spontaneous quick getaway could actually be better for you for many reasons like finding last minute deals and not needing to rack up tons of vacation time.

Power down and get out.



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