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Planning | Entrepreneur style & During Big Life Transitions

Tips to planning your day especially during times where your life is transitioning. Even happy transitions like moving in with a partner, graduating, or starting a new job can bring some tension or stress if you’re not prioritizing right.

1- Start your day early

Nothing eases the stress of the ‘go-go-go lifestyle’ like waking up running to the gym and THEN having time to stop and smell the roses or sip on tea or coffee before the day really begins.

Think about it, you’re waking up and working out up before your brain really knows what just happened. It’s not just about getting fit, getting moving early in the day is shown to give people lasting energy throughout the day.

Drink LOT’S of water to keep that energy up.

It’s really easier said than done but try to sleep early too. I’m currently struggling with this one but hey no routine is ever perfect and we’ll always be trying to keep that balance. Just enjoy the ride.

2- Plan your day

When you have more on your to-do list(s) than you can check off everyday, plan each day.

Planning a big event? Don’t focus all your energy on planning everyday. Pick a day. Plan the event on those days only.

3- Set reminders

Set reminders for everything from taking pizza out of the oven to a phone conference or scheduled meeting.

The more you can delegate to your calendar the more you’ll be able to conquer.

When you know your alarm is going to remind you, you can focus on your to-dos.

4 - Accountability partner

Surround yourself by those who strive to never get complacent. The more you surround yourself people who will guide you and not mislead you the more you’ll be inclined to stay motivated and soar. Losing motivation can be easy when things are hectic, but try to delegate one person to keep you on track.

Stay away from negativity & make time for YOU.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

- Eleanor Roosevelt