Nataly Tavidian

Hi all!


Welcome to my website. I am Nataly Tavidian, a  storyteller, writer, and a one woman orchestra. I am a healer and the host and creator of @HeyHeart143 Podcast. 

I believe whole heartedly that I lead with my heart, strong mind and minimal ego. I say minimal because as human's I believe we're all a work in progress and you reach real joy when you let go of your ego. Nobody is perfect. Our spiritual selves were bored so they came to Earth to live a real life and to tackle business, find our passion, and find or aim for balance everyday with work love, life, family and friends.  


I come from a  journalistic background. My mom gave me a journal when I was 12 and I haven't stopped writing since. I was around 12 years old when I started to 'blog,' or write in a diary. I am a former television news anchor/reporter. I fought for this career. I was an LA girl who left my comfort zone to live in a small town and pursue my passion. It'll always be my passion. I'm back in SoCal now.  

You first met me as a reporter covering The City of Pasadena at Crown City News. I wrote content, produced and edited video. It then broadcast live. 

Thanks to wonderful mentors and guidance, I continue to work alongside community leaders and locals. Experiences have taken me to telling local stories for CBS, ABC and FOX affiliates in California, Grand Island Nebraska, and for the local Pasadena media network. My experiences include covering politics in Sacramento,  and writing for radio on topics of economy and local issues. I lead with ethics.  I've loved sitting in Community of Concerned Journalists discussions and bringing those learned ethics to the forefront of life and work.

Let's be real, life is about staying balanced so let's meditate, dance, work and stay sane through hobbies. I hold a double major from UCR and a certificate in aerobics. I love teaching Zumba and spin going to the gym and meditating. I'm certified by Keiser to teach spin classes and by both Zumba and Strong by Zumba. 

Thank you for supporting and following along.